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10.22.2012 , 03:38 AM | #104
OK, I have FNIALLY gotten through all of the postings and concepts in this thread to date. So my final suggestions are as such.
1) If you PAID for the game originally and have had a continual subscription up until day one of the free to play release, then you should have no restrictions if you stop your subscription on THOSE specific characters and races you have developed. In short, you have access to them but under the limited format which is 4 or 6 ACTIVATED characters at a time. This I think has been covered enough and is the general idea originally to start with.

2) Much has been said on limited PVP war zones. Why not simply allow unlimited low level war zones while requiring 50 and above ranked warzones to require subscription? It seems that would for now solve the problem. Sorry even if you were previously a subscriber and bought the game this is a subscription ONLY option now. As for Flash points and Ops, the 3 low level Flashpoints found on the station should be enough to give people a taste of that so they get those three to play once every 24 hours for each FP, Anything else is subscription only simple enough.

3) The entire "Cartel Coin" thing I think is really a ruse to make people think they are getting more for a subscription, or to have subscribed players pay real money extra for unreal useless items to start with. That may work for the 12 to 15 year old range which has mommies and daddies credit card access.
But eventually the parents WILL catch on quickly and POOF end that little money maker. As someone who lives on a budget I can say with certainty, "I paid for the game, I pay for a subscription and have since day one and will continue to do so, But if you go adding more to my cash outflow (Pay for expansions, pay for extras, pay for this as you have no other way to access it), no matter how much I may like the game and those I play with, I am gone baby GONE!", enough said on that.

4) Game content is laggy at best right now, but I would rather see more content rather than simply the same old MMO routine of add more levels, add more armor, make what is there harder to do with the same number of people.
So, instead of the same old armor and level arms race routine, why not make as stated before in one of my post, the space combat fully 3D in control and interaction? Why not allow for space group missions / quest / and PVP combat, Oh and asteroid mining for underworld metals there is not enough underworld metals skills missions anyway so a good way to add to those. “Companion gifts? We don’t need any of your stinking companion gifts, give me Underworld metals and compounds!!!!” The technology is there to do this easily, the programs have been done years ago, seems you are limiting yourselves for no advantageous reason other than a lack of imagination on your concepts teams, so you are trying to recoup the losses with this supposedly F2P stuff.

Common folks you could do so much more with what you already have if you put some imagination into it. Heck need imagination providers? I have SKYPE, let us voice conference, you can have some of my imagination for free, the spouse says I have too much for my own good anyway!