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10.22.2012 , 03:02 AM | #102
OH OH!!! Can I buy a cute little Rift Acklay pet with my cartel coins that follows me around and if I stand in place for 4 or 5 minutes it will either sit down and use one of its front claws to point at its mouth to beg for food, or walk around me in a circle then curl up into a little ball with ZZzzzzzss coming off of it?

PS I like the restrictions on F2P.. You want the full Monty then pay for it as it cost cash to pay for servers, electricity "which the cost keeps rising for that alone", Tech support "opps sorry that is none existent right now but something useful to think about adding!!", Race and slot restrictions are a nice touch exactly what my guild originally was saying SHOULD be done. The limit on PVP I not so sure of unless a few modifications are made, as there are many flaws and bugs in the PVP program now as is. Say give them the 3 a day but IF they are DCed or Leave a War Zone with-in the first 2 Minutes it is not counted against them.
Also speaking of LEAVING war zones, I honestly think there should be a penalty for leaving a warzone, something like a 15 or 20 minute ban on entering any new WZs if you intentionally select and leave a warzone. I know at times I have been in a WZ and due to internet connections have DCed so there would have to be a qualifier for the penalty such as the selection and then approval to leave a warzone before it is completed by the player.
Yes one could simply shut the game off then restart possibly to avoid this but I am confident the development staff could if they wished devise some fair means of dealing with this bothersome issue. I hate walking into a WZ half way through or just as they are losing at the end, so have waste my time in the queue to start with, then to have to be forced to requeue so more wasted game time, AND I still got nothing for entering the zone to start with. As a PAYED subscriber that I consider a definite problem for member retention over this petty give me everything AND allow me to play for free issues. Pay to play or Subscription as many call it is simply a fact of the world today. So deal with it and or move on want free to play go try World of Tanks or Wizard 101, Oh ya forgot, they also have limitations on F2P with the option of "you want the full Monty then subscribe".