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A few ideas as we enter this new phase of the development.
1) Instead of putting out for videos just give a written update and then use the saved cash for updating your space combat areas and other suggestions below.

Have a look at games such as freelancer, Wing Commander, and Privateer. Use the same concepts to allow for in space team missions, Asteroid Mining of rare metals and possibly space combat PVP War Zones. I find the linear and railroad style of play reminiscent of the old rebel assault games which were fun in their day but get a grip folks I do not pay for a 3 or 5 thousand dollar computer system to play games from 20 years ago which gives me no actual gaming options other than up / down / little to the left, and now a little to the right. Now Multiplayer options, no team play options, no space missions options what gives? I find it boring, limiting and actually a little insulting to my mental level of space flight simulation comprehension and gaming abilities.Ö

2) PLEASE raise the cap on war zone and ranked war zone commendations the current cap is FAR too low to be practical for PVPing guilds and teams.
A) Simply add two zeros to the end of each so it is 200,000 War Zone and 375,000 Ranked.
B) Lower the level from 40 to 30 to transfer Commendations to ranked commendations as well.

This should for the short term resolve many problems people have concerning the lower ranged cap of commendations of both types.

3) Allow for Multiple tree specked talents. It becomes a massive time consumer when my OPs party is short a healer and I have to go and PAY FOR and then revamp my Sorcerer DPS into a healer to fill in the gap then next day have to go PA FOR and respect my Sorcerer back to DPS to play with my PVP Team. It seems it would make more sense and be more practical to allow characters to have two trees which could be specked at the same time with their points and then IF NOT IN COMBAT, be able to switch to the alternate tree according to PVE PVP FPs and OPs team needs. So sorcerers, Bounty hunters or consularís could be specked for healer and DPS, Other classes could be dual specked and able to swap between DPS forms as needed due to mission or party constraints, Tanks could have the ability as needed to swap between say a primary tank and a defensive or secondary tank tree. Due to the complexity and constant changing of the game as it grows and develops this to me seems a practical advancement to character development and versatility for the gamers.

4) Allow for a "STOP EXPERINCE POINTS" paid option. A major problem our guild at least has as we get new low level members is not having low level characters to assist them without having to create a character level that character to a certain point, THEN delete the character to make a new one to go assist a new low level member since the low level character is gaining experience as we assist the newbie at the same time.

If player had the option to pay say 1000 credits to stop their experience progression while still getting legacy experience, guilds or even individuals if not in a guild could easily then have 8 slots to play and use fully to desires, then 4 others to formulate say 2 low level or medium level PVP Characters for guild PVP Zones or low and medium PVE characters to assist new or low level players without sucking all of their experience away due to massive level differences while still remaining at that set level.

Under this concept, a player then could have say a level 20 and 40 character stopped and not gaining experience while still assisting new players of low to intermediate levels on a fair playing field and still for themself building their social, light / dark side, and legacy points accordingly on both faction sides.

This would as well allow for those who enjoy low level PVP Zones to at a max stop their character experience progression at or before level 49 and still enjoy the nonranked PVP Zones with their friends and guildies of lower levels.

I realize some of these will require moderate to extensive development and reprogramming such as the space missions and space combat full 3D movement abilities. Others however are as simple as the warzone commendations of added 2 zeros to the max held of .... in the program to raise those commendation caps and the allotment of 2 talent skill tress instead of a single one along with the payment for a stop to experience gained ONLY are simply minor adjustments to already established program data.

By applying these suggestions I can see over a 25%+ gain if not 50% or more, of game content and playability which would as well constitute more revenue gains IF you allotted some of these changes for the Subscription members only.

Want dual talent trees? Subscribe..
Want Ability to start and stop experience gains? Subscribe...
Want access to the Space mining, PVP and team missionís zones? Subscribe..
Well you get the idea.

"Gaming for over 30 years now and still going forward"