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Also, don't forget it is an RP server, not a PVE or PVP server. This means basicly that many people are more active in other areas than Fleet and capitol worlds. When you go around, you'll see that other planets are more populated very often. For example: right now Belsavis has multiple instances for most of last and this week because of a large ongoing RP event happening there. Voss usually also has higher activity than on most other servers and it is the same for Nar Shaddaa as well.

Also, queue times have never been really long. Unless you are in a level range where you get only 1 flashpoint to queue on, the flashpoint and pvp queues are always relatively quick on Progenitor. This means that despite the larger presence of RP players, the other aspects of the game are also not completely abandoned. This also means people are spending more time in the warzones and flashpoints than queueing for them. This also reduces amount of people on fleet.

Hope this answer helped a bit! As you can see there are a lot more reasons for this server to have less people in fleet than other servers do.
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