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10.21.2012 , 11:33 PM | #100
Since its already free to play it just caps you at level 15 I don't see this model working at all, at least in terms of drawing and keeping more subs. I don't believe that is what they are trying to do at all. My opinion is they are cleverly trying to keep the subs they have all the while trying to make more money off them. So instead of paying the $15 to have all the content you are now paying the $15 a month and get just enough cartel coins to buy a few items this is to "see" all the cool items that you will have to pay even more for to obtain. If I pay the sub of $15 I expect to have all the content in the game. This is a very cleaver scheme. Once people catch on to this im sure subs will drop quickly unless of course you wanna pay 50 a month to play the game in which case go right ahead but not me.