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10.21.2012 , 08:57 PM | #115
You've made (Bioware) a good game and I, like so many others, just want to be able to enjoy it. This problem (<<X>>) really takes away all the joy. I can't be easy to make a MMO game work perfectly, with so much going on all the time; BTW, i don't think you deserve so much criticism. There are so many great features in the game, the story element is fantastic and it's lots of things to do, so keep up the good work. But for this problem i think you deserve some criticism (If it's on your end, which seems likely)

I'v found that this started to happen when the server population was heavy, but lately its happening all the time. I'm on a European server (Progenitor). I have also noticed that right before i get disconnected i always see other characters nearby suddenly disappear as well; so i guess many people have the same problem.

I like how people want to work with BioWare in an effort to solve this togheter, instead of whining. We should do this all the time. It's healthy for the community as well. I also think that BioWare might perform better if we work with them and not against them. We should have a "troll" button on these forums, so we can avoid certain dark corners in here

I hope you get this sorted out in the next patch BioWare, so we can all go back and continue the journey
Good luck !