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10.21.2012 , 08:10 PM | #114
well, i made another character on the same server (legacy bound right) and i had the same issues.

I tried to make another character on a different server (though east zone too as my main server) and it worked perfectly, didnt have any lag at all and this character wasn't bound to my legacy).

I gotta say i just logged my main 10 min ago and my legacy bar poped out just like the three days ive been lagging, but this time was different, my legacy button is gray (like if i had no legacy name yet / below lvl 30) and i cannot access to it.

Is there a possibility all this issues are related to the legacy name?? i mean, i know the legacy name i have now is shared with some other players (its khaleesi) and i know this because i couldn't have it before server merges. Wich means there might be some other player, in some other place, with the same legacy and it may be causing some issue with the server?