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10.21.2012 , 07:17 PM | #156
Quote: Originally Posted by derkae View Post
I need more informations about the day of the kill.

@Dominius : The thread is always update but less frequently.

updated : 11:13 BST
Sorry, posted on the day and it was in the file name. Kill was 19/10/2012 at 22:25 GMT+8.

Quote: Originally Posted by dominius View Post
Okay, I figured the rest out but these four guilds need to verify these are correct:

Band of Brothers: Dread Guards, 10/14/12 at 21:24:00 UTC
Band of Brothers: Operator IX, 10/15/12 at 20:23:00 UTC
Notorious Synergy: Kephess, 10/19/12 at 14:25:00 UTC
Ace: The TFB, 10/18/12 at 23:19:00 UTC
That is correct for Notorious Synergy.

We tried to go in to get TFB on Sunday, an hour trying to sort a work around for a bug where two people (the tanks) couldn't be invite to the op's group, two pulls, then a couple of people's internet connections went crap. That guy has a serious arsenal of "features" that keeps us from even getting attempts in. Same sort of things happened when we were going for our first 8 man kill.