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Im with ya dude and you would think players would get this...but in so many ops chats Ive seen players boasting about their kills as we get three capped. It seems there are so many players who think because they got top kills the match was successful even though they never win a match.

At this point in the game, I think the only way to turn this retard thinking around is to make it so you dont get penalized for leaving matches its time to punish players who lose matches, say a 15 minute delay before they enter a queue again...and I would make this time stretch as the losing streak continues.

I think this would also be useful in preventing premades and guilds setting up kill trade matches as well.
The best match where the strategy you mentioned worked for me was a Novare Coast match where we just kept switching the bunker to hit and eventually we had 2 and 1/4 bunkers capped to us with a final score being in the teens. This required players giving up kills for the overall goal of winning. I know that the players who were on my team that match had a little more maturity, Im not saying actual age, they just didnt have egos the size of the deathstar and that more than anything will always win a match.
That's an absolutely fantastic idea! Yeah, so when I'm in a PUG and I vs Premade after Premade then I will get penalised for losing unfairly!

You sir, have just made the Premade problem even worst with this idea.