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So the worries i got is fact that im back in swtor after half year break and want bang one in with my commando, but i dont know if i should stay commando cause after reading through several threads i get an impression that the only thing commandos good at is PVE and sucking off in pvp. So yeah share what you think about that should i stay with commando till endgame or should i reroll to vanguard?
I have pvped with both and I have to say that with a commando, you have to be far more situationaly aware than with a vanguard because of your lack of movement.

The vanguard is, by far, a lot easier to pvp with because of their movement and the number of insta cast abilities that they have.

That being said, there is something immensely entertaining about shooting a Sith in the face with a Demo Round and watching them die because they were stupid enough to let you get off all three of your Grav Rounds.