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I honestly don't see the logic in some of these restrictions.
Warzone restrictions should be a daily restriction of 3. By restricting it to three per week you gain absolutely nothing except some fr00b (free player) that thinks you want them to sub to waive the restrictions. Which you do but you don't want them to think that.

Flashpoints/Operation restrictions. My guess is let fr00bs play only SM and HM for Flashpoints, and just SM for Operations.

Space Combat. Four a day sounds legit. Only benefit you get is exp.

Now for the dumbest restriction I have never seen in a MMO.
Breed restrictions. Seriously? What exactly do you hope to gain from that?? You must pay $15 a month or you won't be able to play the other epic races? Now you're just begging for an emu.

You're not luring people into subbing; you're making it hard for the person to see what is so amazing about swtor and all its glories. #1 mistake you made is preventing the person to customize their character to their likings (AKA RACE RESTRICTION) If the person isn't happy with how their character looks then they're not sticking around.
Agreed, the F2P model decided by EA will flop and mark my words because it will flop and sink the game even faster. I understand restrictions but the current are just moronic.

I shouldn't even care, il stay subbed regardless (unless I get bored again).
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