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A metaphor is a figure of speech, used when resembling something to something else. If I said you had the face of a pig, I'd be saying your ugly. If I said you were the heart of the force, I'd be saying your extremely powerful in the force. Hence why Kreia said it, yes its not a super solid argument, and I'm not saying Revan is the most powerful Jedi ever, far from it. But it is a legitimate point and you shouldn't bash people for it. Nobody thinks Revan was literally a beating heart that squelched about killing people...
When did I bash anyone for it? Yes Revan was powerful in the force, but some actually take that metaphor literally and says that he is a god who can do all sorts of things is what bothers me. I know what a metaphor is, and can agree Revan was strong in the force....but people need to stop reciting that quote as if it gives Revan some god like power.
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