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Hi eventidephoenix,

This is not something that we can really comment on in the customer service forum.

There is an on-going thread in the suggestion box forum about consolidating APAC servers that you should contribute to:

The suggestion box forum is for the game developers to see what our community wants to see introduced in the game.

Thanks for your question!
Oooooo so you have seen that thread yet no word has been said about what is happening with the APAC servers (shocker I know)

It is pretty much impossible to play on Dalborra atm 50 PvP does not work unless you enjoy solo play playing in warzones by your self to get comms "exploiting" a bug in which I hope you do a rollback so all the scrubs who farm this all day lose all there comms. I am not interested in leveling alts i picked the class I enjoy playing got it to 50 PVE is a joke complete rubbish the most boring **** ive ever done so please explain to me why I am paying a sub to do what exactly?

PS. I love you Phoenix!