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10.21.2012 , 04:38 AM | #1
Talking about the final boss of TFB here, and specifically about the second phase.

Rage/Focus in Soresu is, as we all know, utterly gimped for... some reason that I haven't quite grasped yet. The point is that you rely on being hit for consistent resource generation, otherwise it's a pain.

Now, in that second phase, there are long, long stretches when I'm not taking any damage at all: I'm talking about the periods after a Scream aimed at me. These phases are basically a pain. I'm spamming Assault and Sundering Assault when Enrage and Force Choke are on cooldown and it's really uncomfortable.

In any other fight, I'd use the break to get some distance on the boss then Saber Throw + Force Charge for resources. But the "range doesn't matter" thing makes that impossible here which also means no Battle Cry bonus. Yes, it's not a big deal; that my already pitiful DPS drops even further shouldn't really be an issue because it's not my job. Still, it makes that part of the fight extremely boring. It would be ever so nice if we could use Charge + Throw... please?