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And we have a range of good justifications for doing so, I hope instead of template replies you can give us something concrete. The abysmal state of APAC is unacceptable as it is. We are paying customers with an inferior product. If you want to keep the players (the ones who are likely to continue subscribing when free to play hits) I suggest you do something about this.
I and quite a few people I know agree with the vast majority of what phoenix has said above; although merging the 3 APAC servers would be an improvement it would still be vastly inferior to the quality of experience that players on the US/EU 'super-servers' are having for the same money. I have essentially stopped leveling my alternate characters because there usually isn't enough people on the planets to do H2+'s let alone H4's and so I just work through them as quickly as possible and hope that when pvp and FP's pop every 30 mins or so is enough that I am not under-leveled when I leave.