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12.20.2011 , 03:13 AM | #44
I was tanking this with my Jedi Guardian and it wasnt that hard. The ranged IA and BH were easilly kept on my by just doing force wave everytime it was off cd (they clearly keep their focus on the initial aggroer easily).

Should be noted that killing the last 2 at the same time helps a lot becouse when there is only 1 of the bossses standing they get their ultimate ability that can hurt a lot.

Also you should not forget how important dps is. There is only 2 dps and the tank that do damage and in this fight where you need to burn enemise down fast. If you have underleveled (below 24) or badly geared / dont know how to dps people then it will be a hard fight.

In this game dps cant just faceroll.