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Mean was sitting outside still, bored out of his mind, when suddenly a bunch of alarms went off in the building. Mean did not react, but kept an eye on the door, watching as a woman in an officer uniform walked out as if nothing at all was wrong. Mean reached over to his wrist to load a tracking dart to fire at her, only to have the thing jam. Damm it, why does this shi* always happen at the worst times? he thought. by the time he cleared out the jam, she was already gone. Great, now zero is never going to let me forget how I let her get away clean

Oh well, he thought, letís see what you were up to. He hacked into the republic database like zero had earlier, and viewed the security tapes, taking a few minutes to do it as it seemed someone else, allied with the woman perhaps, did not want him to see it. He smirked as he saw the guards get taken down by that skinny rod of a woman. Amateurs, he thought. However, it appeared the woman did not get her hands on the object, so it was still inside the building. Heck, this may have nothing at all to do with the object, he thought. Arrest records he viewed seemed to show she was arrested in a bar fight. Maybe she just didnít feel like spending a night in the slammer. Oh well, looks like it is back to the stakeout for me. He sent Zero a message with an update on the situation, deciding to let her decide what to do about the woman

Zero was touring the local landmarks of coursant, also rather bored, and growing angrier with each passing moment. These people held themselves up so high, pretending they were so much better than everyone else in the galaxy. Zero knew the truth. She had seen their corruption firsthand.

"Run, now!"

"No! I am not going to leave you!"

"Don't be foolish! They will kill you too!"

Zero wiped away a tear that had come, pushing those thoughts away. She couldnít show weakness, not in the heart of the enemy. Suddenly, her holocom went off, and she looked down

Interesting, she thought. Is she somehow connected to the object, or not? Regardless, they could not afford to ignore her. Zero typed out an encrypted message to keeper, updating him on the situation thus far, and recommending he do a full background check on whoever this person was. At the least, she might get a name when her picure was run threw a facial imaging database. After the message was typed, she continued her walk, as if nothing had happened