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These stories are awesome. I always love to see the kooky things people come up with. So I guess I'll pitch in with my nearest and dearest - my first Agent.(with cameos from trooper,smuggler and consular! Complex relations tree go now!)

Name: Skathe [Alias - real name unknown]
Age: 27 [Unconfirmed]
Species: Chiss
Origin: Csilla
Occupation: Imperial Agent - Operative [Formerly Chiss Military Officer]
Current whereabouts: Unknown

Known History:

The agent known as Skathe is a steadfast Chiss loyalist, requisitioned from their military by Imperial Intelligence as part of the alliance and re-trained as a covert field operative. Little is known about his early life, but it is known that his father was previously an intelligence agent himself for the chiss, which may explain Skathe's rapid ascent in rank. Though recent revelations have revealed the agent to be a troublesome if skilled individual.

Sometime during his career - exact dates are almost impossible to pinpoint - he became involved with an assignment to assassinate a promising young Jedi padawan. Despite not being fond of the Republic or the Jedi, Skathe owes no particular loyalty to the Empire itself either. Upon discovering the Jedi was merely a child the agent turned on the rest of his squad and falsified a report of overwhelming retaliation from the Jedi situated on the planet. As this information has come to light only after his disappearance, no disciplinary measures were taken.

Skathe is known to have several 'Republic' allies - though all of these have since revoked their allegiance to the Republic and taken a neutral stance. The smuggler Jonae Vedek became longtime partners with the agent after Vedek's transport to Dromund Kaas for trial - which Skathe was aboard - fell victim to a pirate attack travelling through Hutt space and crashed on a nearby planet. The resulting scramble for survival and passage offworld seems to have struck a friendship of sorts, and Skathe retained Vedek on grounds of a potential informant into Republic activities.

The other ally is in fact family. An ex-Republic Trooper named Aethal, Skathe's half sister from the one-time affair of his father and a human woman. Raised in the Republic, neither sibling had any knowledge of the other until a chance meeting across the firing lines. Unsatisfied with her role anyway, Aethal abandoned her unit to join her brother in the Imperial ranks - though like her sibling she has no fondness for the Empire or the Sith.

Before his disappearance Skathe was reported to be on the run from a fellow chiss agent - a sniper going by the alias of 'Grimshaw' who according to Intelligence went rogue some time ago. What exactly the connection is remains unclear, but by all accounts Grimshaw retains some psychotic obsession with the other agent as well as a manic urge to kill and manipulate those in his path. The more outlandish claims suggest Skathe and Grimshaw once had a romantic relationship that ended violently when Grimshaw left the Empire.

Personality Traits and Description:

Skathe stands at roughly 5'10''. His red eyes, medium blue skin and dark blue hair mark him instantly as chiss, and he carries himself in a manner that suggests constant alertness. He is average in build, sharp in the facial features and has a long scar crossing over his right eye - reportedly from early military life and an encounter with a desperate enemy's vibrosword.

He has been described by colleagues as the consummate gentleman, never shouting or showing disrespect but always firm in his opinions and decisive in action. He is polite and self-sacrificing - traits which sometimes attract trouble in this line of work - but his disarmingly friendly style makes him unrivalled in information gathering and persuasion. Unfortunately, his reluctance to execute enemies has been known to result in added cleanup for Intelligence or the resurfacing of threats considered dismantled later on.

To the irritation of said colleagues, he is apparently not above sarcastic remarks when he feels the need.