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10.20.2012 , 02:19 PM | #250
Kirya and Rixik Chiaroscuro. Apparently I’m not done torturing Corso yet.

Prompt: Xenobiology.

Title: Hair?

Characters: Jesp Rixik and Corso Riggs

Takes place shortly after the events of A Night to Remember, which neither of them do very well. Sirocco is en route to the next planet. No spoilers.


@ Kabeone: So, Sithy Scourge has some sensitivity after all. I liked Coremi being so happy here. And a very creative way to deal with Quinn—would this be an AU of your AU universe? I love bringing back the ‘throwaway’ item from that particular quest line. All the more ironic since it was also on Balmorra.

@ Bright: Yet another way to deal with Quinn. The setup for that was great. No monologue, no speeches, just wham. Nice.