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Umm, no.
Sorry, that is exactly the opposite of what he should be doing.
Endurance is for tanks. If you favor endurance over strength you are giving up dps, and dps is what marauders are all about.
This ^^^

Strength all day long. Once you get to 50 and start min/maxing you might add some mods that are stacked towards power over strength, but NEVER make END a priority. And you should NEVER NEVER NEVER be equipping any gear that adds to any of the other stats like Cunning/Aim/Willpower, those simply aren't for your class. While you're at it, avoid gear that has bonuses to "defense - absorb - shield" as well. Those are for tanks. DPS do not survive by being able to take a lot of damage, they need to be able to dish it out faster than they receive it.
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