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10.20.2012 , 12:18 PM | #4
One late night later, and I now have numbers for TFB HM!

I'll post the full spreadsheet later, but as expected, it didn't make much of a difference. Here are the adjusted numbers, limited to only EC, NP and TFB (note: I also slightly adjusted the relic HPS is calculated to more closely match the combat logs):

With Proc Heal
  • Weighted mitigation: 62.6163%
  • Survivability: 71.2672%
  • Variance: 31.2837%
  • eHP: 44103

With War Hero Defense
  • Weighted mitigation: 63.0098%
  • Survivability: 70.4001%
  • Variance: 29.5848%
  • eHP: 42820

Here are the damage weights:
  • M/R + K/E = 69.49%
  • M/R + I/E = 0%
  • F/T + K/E = 22.81%
  • F/T + I/E = 7.71%

A HUGE amount of damage in TFB bypasses defensive stats, much to my disappointment. It's not quite as much as EV Nightmare, but very very close. Note that the average pre-mitigation DPS for a TFB boss is 2021, as compared to EC which is 1859 and KP which is 3991(!).

So anyway, yeah, the War Hero defense relic is *still* sub-par, even when considering only current content.
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