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Smuggler story is awesome, in my opinion. I haven't gotten any others to 50 yet, but I have definitely enjoyed this one. Act two is the weakest, but acts one and three are pure awesome. Though, when you get smuggler to Corellia, prepare for some very contradictory dialogue between world missions and your class quest.
I'm thinking I will level Smuggler last. Right now I have a Trooper, Consular, and Inquisitor sitting on Tatooine for me. My Smuggler is partying with Corso on his ship above Taris, yet to touch down. Once I finish my SW I will take my Smuggler through Taris and Nar Shaddaa then decide, but right now I feel I will go Consular because of the Shadow playstyle and it has the best story from what I've seen between those 4 classes.

Consular > Inquisitor > Trooper > Smuggler
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