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I'm going to print this out now and go have my mom put it up on the fridge .

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1101.01 DPS
7387 Biggest Hit.
Just about double the next highest dps, and quadruple or quintuple most of the team.

But seriously, haven't had a full length void star in weeks, finally got one long enough to break 1 Mill. I know, no one cares. And yes, my dps was a little low.That is because I prioritized healers rather than smashing groups, since they had 3 of them. Also I got stuck in the red force field for the last minute right before the bridges, so I couldn't do much there.

Screenshot of fully buffed stats:

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I'm using full WH with EWH weapons. Custom bracer / belt with vindicator offhand WH armoring. All mods are 51 str / 39 power type. All Enhancements are 41 power / 53 surge variety, except one which is accuracy/power. In my opinion this is the perfect rage marauder build. And yes, I think the 1390 expertise is worth it.
Another proof that Marauders have an OP damage. +6k Smash is broken and you know it.