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10.20.2012 , 10:03 AM | #4
As a 41 PT, all i use is rapid shots to close the gap, then sadly:

- flame burst
- rail shot
- rocket punch
- rail shot if i got the proc
- flame burst till i get the proc

its pretty simple, yet brutally effective ... usually dont have a heat problem. Ill mix in an unload or flamethrower if my targets are stationary and of course, death from above for those packs. usually tops in dps for The Bastion as this class / rotation is super easy ... i never top dps w/ any other class i play, so that should tell u a lot.

I pop a wz adrenal early for damage reduction before a big fight, start kolto overload after that first hit, then midway ill hit my shield and then the medpac. I'm all orange gear w/ blue mods and augmented as well ... makes for one dps machine! I should use the IM as an opener or explosive dart as its range is better? or both?

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