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I previously mentioned some of my existing characters using Georgian words for their names:
Ghrubeli- ღრუბელი- Cloud, because he's a light-side sith, just a gentle fluffy cloud kinda guy,
Ipikre- იპიკრე- Think!, a thoughtful Consular, and the newest addition to the roster:
Zemo-khuti- ზემო-ხუთი- High-Five, a bounty hunter.
My main is an anagram of my last name: Izzun and is a pleasant, but selfish, gunslinger.

Moving forward I'll probably keep using Georgian words I like to round out my Legacy's Roster.

Oh, the legacy name is Movqlav- მოვქლავ- I'll kill you--my supervisor used to jokingly threaten to kill me at work, so I picked that word up fast!
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