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From what I've heard, tanks are just disappearing, and oddly, healers are populating quickly.
I'm a tank (always have been, even if I didn't want to at first), so I don't see the problem on my part. Are twy all leveling alts like i did? (My operative is a proud rakata/columi DPS now) did they quit?

We miss you tanks! Please come home!
Most of the guys including myself that used to tank for our guilds ended up stopping either PvE or PvP, Most quit PvE...Maintaining two full gear sets gets old...I stopped at Mostly Columi/Rakata on my tank set for PvE and just PvP DPS now.....I dont like the "PvP only stat" concept because it destroys the chance for Working folk to play both aspects of the game....If I could actually "Tank" in PvP and then go run a raid on Friday or Saturday in the same gear Id probably still be tanking....But that will never happen due to the current course of MMO design.
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