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What attack/damage type weights are you using and what is your assumed incoming DPS?

Iirc, you said before you hadn't gotten the numbers for TfB so I'm curious. TfB seems to hit a fair deal harder than EC, so, if you're using the EC numbers, you're very likely overstating the value of the proc heal relic.
I'm considering all current content except TFB, so EV + KP + EC + NP. Seeing as EV/KP NM both hit harder than EC HM (especially KP), it seems to me that the numbers should be fairly close to what they will look like once I include TFB.

Overall, the damage weights are as follows:
  • M/R + K/E = 75.44%
  • M/R + I/E = 0%
  • F/T + K/E = 16.68%
  • F/T + I/E = 7.88%

Incoming, pre-mitigation DPS is as follows:
  • EV: 1920
  • KP: 3991
  • EC: 1859
  • NP: 3238

Average post-mitigation DPS is 986, which tallies pretty closely with my combat logs. At a HPS of 134 pre-relic (and 154 with relic) and a weighted mitigation of 64.4947%, that gives me a survivability contribution (from self-healing) of 6.6588%.

I'll re-run the numbers once I finish parsing out TFB (I have all the data now, I just need to organize it). I'm pretty sure this is pretty close though, and given that the difference between relics is as dramatic as a full half a percent, I doubt that we're going to see much of a change in the result.
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