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that's not what I saw in the numerous threads... not to mention this game is specifically set up with different server types so they were forced to give you PVP,PVE and RP threads because players of all 3 types were asking for them... long story short BW gave you what you asked for and now your complaining and blaming them for other players leaving
Liquidacid, Why the heck are you posting about issues and concerns of a community half way around the world?

Well yes, there are the annoying complain players that are throwing tantrums and what not, but the community at large is only trying to get Bioware to even acknowledge that we exist. We are extremely grateful that we even got one server, let alone three. At first it was good, but due to players leaving we are facing serious issues on our servers. We tried to communicate with Bioware,but you see, the thing about communication, its a two way street. They have chosen to ignore us and not update the community as to what is planned, and THAT is what we are complaining about.

If this happened to the US community, you would be on the forums just like us, complaining about the exact same thing.
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