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10.19.2012 , 08:15 PM | #27
I'm glad it's just not me having this issue. Ever since 1.4 dropped I have been having latency issues every so often. It would only last for about 5 seconds...then go back to normal. But, today it was working fine this morning and then around 230 CST I have had nothing but the red x of death. My ping would start counting until around 150000 and then disconnect me from the game. I have already talked to my ISP ( Suddenlink) and they are getting the same packet loss at hop 9 when we pathping the server ip that I got from the Bioware customer service rep. The issue is not my computer or my isp. But, when we ping the game servers there is anywhere from 22% up to 37% packet loss everytime. The packet start dropping off around hop 9 everytime when we run a pathping test. So there is an issue by Biowares server farm in Virginia. Bioware..... you might want to check into that? I believe the company where the packet loss starts is named might want to try them? Also, right now the game I'm paying 15 dollars a month for is unplayable. This needs to be fixed tonight.