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Episode 7

Silber Starfailer and the Hamsters at End of the Universe

Chippy has been taken hostage in the APAC server DeathStar
Darth E.A has captured him
Silber and Chieftan go to his rescue and thereby hope to proactively save the server from imminent destruction.

They find themselves deep in the heart of the ApaC servers, where Chippy is held against a wall in force cuffs in front of the Hamster Reactor.
Quadrillions of Hamsters are in a huge revolving tunnel filled with golden light...running and running and running.
There is a hum of energy and the pater of quadrillions of little feet
Silber and Chieftan must free Chippy and abort the self destruct countdown to save the server and the galaxy, everything is at stake.

Silber approaches the control terminal nearest the hamster reactor
There is a big red switch and dozens and dozens of other switches and buttons
Chippy directs Silber to the big red switch in question so he can be freed...

Chippy: flip the switch
Silber: Flip it?
Chippy Yes flip it
Silber: flips it

Nothing happens!?!

Chippy: Flip it!
Silber: (Looks around confused) You mean again or just the once...
Chippy: FLIP IT!!
Silber (to Chieftan): Does he mean flippping it again or just the once
Silber: (to Chippy) Wait, flip it once in Toto or ...
Chippy: (rolling his eyes in disgust, why does he have to deal with these pople?)
Chippy: Just flip the damn switch moron..FLIP IT, FLIP IT!!!!!
Silber: Uhh I dont think....
Chippy: MORON!!, Dont think, thats what Im here for..JUST FLIP THE DAMN SWITCH!!...
Silber: looking deeply worried and angry and confused
CHippy: FLIP IT NOW!!!...
Silber: Flips the switch again


Smoke flame, the howling of alarms
The hamster reactor begins its shutdown sequence,
slowly the reactor begins deccelerating and quadrillions of hamsters begin hoping out of the ginormous spinning tunnel
(well about 80 actually the rest was rather clever marketing)
The hamsters having stopped running, look around confused
some see Silber and come over...
shaking his hand the little hamsters with names like Mosus, Y'vaine, Tinkle and Ciraf
cordially thank Silber for opening their eyes about their issue and go to find another treadmill
thats more interesting and with a better pop than this one...

Silber stands agahst before a now empty golden tunnel, eyes blankly staring, body crystalline still, with just the slightest rasp of breath
thinking about what once was..
a quite entertaining treadmill
now devoid of its cutest denizens..
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