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10.19.2012 , 04:01 PM | #9
Want to take your gaming experience to a whole new level...

Of course you do, and so did I. Gaming is a lot of fun, but the experience is definitely enhanced when you play with like-minded people. For many years I would play solo, or occasionally join the always risky "pick up group" to get through a tough spot. I would even play with RL family and friends, but modern day schedules are hectic and it's hard to always sync up. Indeed, one of those RL friends recommended PAX to me. I won't lie, my experince with PAX has been less than two weeks, but that has been more than enough time to realize that this is a truly genuine gaming community. This is more than just a guild.... more than just a band of Raid-crazy, Loot-driven, goons, who only value your toon, your level, or your gear. This is a true gaming family, that emphasizes values, and fair but spirited game play. Not only does PAX take an avid interest in getting to know and welcoming new members, but they also take pride in helping to ensure that PAX is right for you. So if you value a mature and fun spirited gaming environment and you want to share your joy for gaming with a bigger community.... then come check us out. I'm Madmizer, and I look forward to meeting you.