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10.19.2012 , 03:20 PM | #119
While we are all focussed on the big smashes, I would also like to make an honorable mention for the following:

How Bioware thinks this is balanced is completely beyond me. There is no real resource constraint and each attack (main + offhand combined) is hitting for 2k or even 3k+ when it crits.

Now I don't play a marauder, so correct me if I am wrong on the following please.

Going back to the quote from Aluvi:
1. 30 stack fury + berserk builds full rage bar + 4 stack shockwave, you smash.
2. Vicious slash spam builds 30 stack fury. Go to 1.
#1 is basically free (smash with 4 shockwaves) and really really hard hitting. It also auto crits with charge and obliterate.
#2 is basically free as demonstrated by the video, additionally reduces the cooldown of smash, and itself hits pretty hard (2k to 3k).

Add to this the numerous cooldowns that a mara gets to survive, and it is just insane.... or perfectly balanced in Bioware's world.