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My suggestion in another thread was to have diminishing returns on Power at a certain threshold to lower the damage somewhat for those who have optimised their gear to the extreme. Another idea I thought of could be to change the auto-crit to instead set up a crit chance multiplier of 2.5.

For examples:
30% default crit chance * 2.5 = 75% chance to crit on the next smash/sweep, instead of 100%
35% default crit chance * 2.5 = 87.5% chance to crit

It's a bit of a nerf and would help to discourage stacking one or two stats.

Anyways, I have a hard time believing anyone got hit for 9K, unless maybe they had 0 expertise.
This change would make the spec pretty awful at PvE. Doing 4.5k-6.5k damage every 10-12 seconds is already pretty weak in PvE. The damage between smashes averages under 2k dps over that 10-11 seconds. The average DPS between smashes in pvp is probably near 1k. Factors like the jugg needing to close in on someone on foot, using CCs, intercede, etc.

If the devs take the complaints in this post seriously they may put a limit on the number of targets affected by smash. I doubt it though. This would make PvE solo dalies pretty awful on a smash spec.
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