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10.19.2012 , 02:51 PM | #117
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FYI, I think the main issue with smash is the ridiculous auto-crit, which enables the player to stack surge and power and have big smash numbers.
My suggestion in another thread was to have diminishing returns on Power at a certain threshold to lower the damage somewhat for those who have optimised their gear to the extreme. Another idea I thought of could be to change the auto-crit to instead set up a crit chance multiplier of 2.5.

For examples:
30% default crit chance * 2.5 = 75% chance to crit on the next smash/sweep, instead of 100%
35% default crit chance * 2.5 = 87.5% chance to crit

It's a bit of a nerf and would help to discourage stacking one or two stats.

Anyways, I have a hard time believing anyone got hit for 9K, unless maybe they had 0 expertise.