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Quote: Originally Posted by bright_ephemera View Post
While minimally spoiling, the Agent's melee tank is not male.
I used a "he" just to not spoil anything. English is not my native language, but in english don't you use the "he" when you don't want to be gender-accurate ?

By the way, I tested multiple times on the same NPC "packs" (1 Strong Nexu + 2 Weak Nexus), and the real "he" was always alive at the end of the fight (even if force the NPC to attack him - because when the NPC is rooted, he attacks who is in his range, aka "him") with than 30% HP, while the tank died 50% of the time or live with less than 20%.
And as a side note, the real "he" had not recieved any replacement gear because I don't like him running with a Inquistor style.