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this... i agree ... rage now has same dmg than mara and PT, prolly assasin is yet a bit better ...

and autocrit has also lightning sorcerer, but they are usually bad, but there are a few of them who can outdmg juggs or PT or mara ...

so when some1 get asskicked just take one operative healer and he is atm most OP class, u need on good op healer 2 smashers get him down ... at least :P i play juggy, sorcerer, operative and juggy is now on right way ...
I am not trying to be an ***** but i had a very hard time understanding what you just typed.

focus/rage is the same it's always been. Theres just a lil more armor Pen to it. 1.2 to 1.4 kinda Dumbed it down but it still hit like a truck. It seems there always had to be a certain class to QQ about though. Guess it's our turn.
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