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Rage/Focus was not FOTM since launch - it took most people a month or two to figure out it was the best guardian dps spec. And then most people figured out that Watchmen was better than everything a month or two after that. Vigilance was solid as of 1.2 and watchman got nerfed a bit. Then in 1.3 it was combat for sentinels and guardians in pvp were mostly tank hybrid ball carriers, guards and aoe slowers (focus was too much of an easily nullified glass cannon). Pure focus guardians became rare and a bit of a joke. Now in 1.4 people can play guardian dps again and be viable (in pve too) which is what most people wanted in the first place: dps guardians, the iconic class of this game, are getting taken off their shelves, dusted off and are being used again. And they're doing a lot of damage. But there are still plenty of other classes/specs that will wipe the floor with pure rage/focus specs in 1v1 fights. I don't see the focus/rage trend lasting; I am seeing a lot more operatives and deception sins running around on POT5.

I do agree that the upper vigilance tree probably needs some love.

this... i agree ... rage now has same dmg than mara and PT, prolly assasin is yet a bit better ...

and autocrit has also lightning sorcerer, but they are usually bad, but there are a few of them who can outdmg juggs or PT or mara ...

so when some1 get asskicked just take one operative healer and he is atm most OP class, u need on good op healer 2 smashers get him down ... at least :P i play juggy, sorcerer, operative and juggy is now on right way ...