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What does this mean!?
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Perhaps because Coremi's not the Jedi?

I like how her dream is actually a premonition, and the irony with her statement earlier. That if she told Scourge her dream everything would be better.

I'm really taking these as Best Day in a long time rather than Best Day Ever. It occurred to me yesterday that Coremi's life has to be pretty awful when a good night's sleep is a Best Day... here's more awful

Remi AU: Knightless
Best Day Ever aka Can we finally stop talking about Balmorra
Spoilerish for Consular Balmorra I don't go into detail because I don't actually know any details and much of it has been altered for the purpose of this AU. But if you don't know anything about what happens on Consular Balmorra and you want it to be a complete surprise this may be a spoiler.