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These seem to drop a lot less since 1.4 than they did prior. I always have my smuggler companion risha with plus crit to slicing running the mission for these. She gets them way less than before. Also on my inquisitor I always have andronikus whatever his name is with like +5 crit to slicing and he gets these like 1 out of every 5 missions now?! That's crap ratio for 2 companions that are supposed to have a plus chance to get them!
I have noticed this as well. My Bounty Hunter with Make at full 10K affection prior to 1.4.1a would bring 2-3 augmentors for every 5 missions. Since 1.4.1a I will go 20+ missions without latest stint was 28 straight missions without any augmentors.

This is very frustrating and expensive. Even people on the GTN are realizing the decline in the augmentors and are starting to charge over 100K per augment..
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