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10.19.2012 , 07:46 AM | #17
I have noticed mine is still up more than it is down. I cant honestly think of a nother boss fight where DW wasnt up nearly 100% of the time so i dont feel it is an issue at all. (makes me almost have to use a cd in this fight)

One thing i would like to ask the shadows and sins on here since I'm kinda new to Sin Tanking(have a full Camp. Powertech tank) You people are quoating your shield around 65-69%. What are your Hp's absorb% and D%. As of right now i am sitting a 24.7k HP(rakata stim) with 29%D 43.9/63.9% (w/o / w/ DW) shield and a 63(69 when relic procs) absorb.