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I'm tending to agree with most of the people here that 3 warzones a week is a very bad idea.
I still don't get why people are only focusing on warzones :/ it seems like that is the only problem for the f2p transaction... I'm waiting for an answer about my first post 'cause I think it's TOP PRIORITY to understand what happens to everything we actually have and use (cargo hold? no one uses it? crew skills? species? seems like no one with a chiss or a sith pureblood wants to know if he'll be able to play it in f2p...)
I understand that lot of you are more focused on pvp but, fortunately, the game offers something else and I don't think pvpers doesn't use anything of what I've mentioned before or something else like purple items, whose equipment will be restricted.
Let's say you're wearing equipment that a f2p user can't equip without that license. Would you be happy to log in and find out you're completely naked and you're forced to buy that license? At least you should be able to have the license for that items, then you're free to buy the other licences. Would you be happy to log in and find out you can't craft anything or retrieve materials because your account is F2P so the game locked or deleted 2 of your 3 crew skills? I think you'll be pissed off, but that is just my opinion... I think, as former subscribers, we shouldn't lose anything we had until the end of our subscriptions if we choose to play as f2p players rather than paying a new subscription and I haven't seen a single word from Bioware about this topic.
I also think that new players who subscribe for the first time after the f2p transaction should be "rewarded" in such a way. Maybe they should have to buy the game (it'll be fair, 'cause I've read that new f2p players will be able to play without buying anything) in order to have that features unlocked after the end of their subscription.
Btw I agree with anyone who says "3" is not enough. really, 3 flashpoints or warzones a week OR a WEEKLY pass? I'd like to know the price of this WEEKLY pass...
last thing: I'm not saying that a former subscriber should be able to play like a subscriber but for free, it's obviously unfair. so restrictions on the number of multiplayer events (flashpoints, warzones, operations) or even on space battles are welcomed... but there are some things that should be left untouched

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My worry is that things will get deleted between me dropping subscription and paying cartel coins to unlock what I want.
I see I'm not the only one