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10.19.2012 , 04:01 AM | #8
Ah ... yeah....we wiped a few times on that trash room before we got it down.

Supposedly if you have a stealther they can stealth out of combat click the switch and it opens the door so that everyone can run out. However, we have never been able to get that to work, so we just kill the room.

When we come in we immediately cc the suppressors. They throw atomic tears that do a large amount of damage to the raid, and were the biggest cause of our wiping. There are 4 suppressors - 2 in the front and 2 in the back. Everyone is also really careful not to stand in the lightening from the data cores, since that is the 2nd highest source of damage and is completely avoidable.

Once the suppressors are cc'ed, our dps focus target the left data core, while the tanks pick up as many of the other decompiler adds as possible. Once the first data core is down, we kill the second core as quickly as possible. After that we clean up all the decompilers and then kill the suppressors one at a time.

Getting the suppressors cc'ed as quickly as possible is the key to making that room manageable. If you don't have enough cc's the tanks should target the remaining suppresors, as the atomic tear is interruptable.