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10.19.2012 , 04:00 AM | #42
Hey guys just me again!!

I'm tending to agree with most of the people here that 3 warzones a week is a very bad idea.

1. There is no match making on warzones so you have no control over what warzones you queue for. Example I HATE huttball. As soon as I get in a game I log out straight away. It would be nice if you could choose what warzones you can and can't queue for.

2. Sometimes when you get into a warzone it only has a few minuites remaining and gives you no chance to do anything useful. Just ends up being a complete waste of time. Usally puts you into a game because some one saw their side was losing and quit out so it dumps you in their place. Not good!!

3. I think 3 to 5 a day wouldn't be a big ask or deal. I mean subscribers will still have priority over f2p players for the queue anyway. In one of my play sessions I usally only get 3 or 4 warzones in anyway. Much more than that you would probably be playing for the whole day and not many people I know have that kind of time to spend playing games. Even one as good as this!!

On closing I'd like to say a big thanks to the guys at Bioware for all the hard work on this AWESOME game.

p.s. Hey guys it's really disappointing to hear a lot of you ************ about what they didn't show you. They asked for some constructive criticism and ideas for future previews. This is only their first preview give them a chance. I'm sure they are doing the best they can with a lot fewer people to do the work after their wave of layoffs.