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This is pure speculation but looking at the video I can see that the costs appear to have been blurred in the window rather than actually removed, also looking at the blur of the Carbonite Chamber which is featuring on the right I can see that there are 3 lumps at the bottom which suggests that the Carbonite chambers price is in three figures on what ever server they're testing on atm.

Obviously this could be wrong, and just as obviously this could well change before launch, but a three figure price for a single item certainly sounds about what I'd expect.
At an artistic standpoint the $ sign should be about equal in size to every numeral. So all you'd have to do is see how many cartel "dollar" signs can fit into the slot. For example the Longspur looks like it has room for 3 digits, but if you look directly left it appears to have room for 4 digits.

Then again I could be just as wrong
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