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I think Sentinel's Gloves are a great match for the Aspiring Knight's set, personally.

In general, this isn't the only set where the new orange gloves, boots, bracers and belts don't match up to the looks of the existing sets whose names they share.

However, changing the appearances of some of these items is not the way to go. Thousands of people are already wearing crafted items that they like. Why should their appearance be changed because you don't like it? Instead, a new orange appearance for the chest and leg armour you get on Tython should be added.
Yup, should be added. But the set shouldn't be messed up in the first place - it's one of the best lookin', hood down pieces in the game. However I have a problem with the custom Aspiring Knight's vest as it keeps changing colours! Vest is black during the gameplay but when the cut scenes pop it is changing to light blue.