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I have to agree with everyone! The progression is broken and needs some tweaking by BW folks. Knee jerk reactions seem to be a BW common mistake to over corect things - Like the gear chase to have BiS1) I'd like to see a full BIOWARE team run SM EC/TFB in Full Columi. (I'd like to see a video). SM EC maybe now, but SM TFB? Doubt you would make it past the 2nd Boss with that group. (could be wrong)
I totally agree, that statement from BW is once more a powerful testament to the fact that those guys got no clue whatsoever. There is no way in hell you can beat the Dreadguards in Columi gear. KelīSara is gonna enrage all nite long and send your sorry Columi azzes packing with a double-bladed lightsaber sticking in them.

And thats the part I really dont get, if they obviously got no idea what they are doing why dont they just ask someone whos more competent? For instance if they asked me, I would say: Listen BW, its entirely retarded to have an operation drop the gear that is actually needed to beat the same ops in the first place. Either nerf TFB sm so it can actually be done in Columi, or what I would prefer, make it harder but let it drop better gear (BH/Campaign) so people can actually gear up in the storymode and thus be able to beat it in hardmode. As of now all hardcore pve guilds like mine already came in fully augmented BH/Campaign and only did TFB sm to learn the mechanics and then went straight to TFB hm, since there is no incentive whatsoever to do TFB sm as soon as you can beat it due to completely worthless drops.
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Panda ??? who is this Panda U speak of Carl.