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10.18.2012 , 08:10 PM | #21
I think it's a great idea... this game really needs a persistent warzone. Illum failed. I watched a Youtube clip of Gabe Ametangelo (sp?) saying they were working on redoing it.

The only problem that this bring up is faction imbalance.

Does anyone remember the 20-24 persistent battleground in DAoC, Thidranki? I would create toons and keep them at level 24, just so I could play it. That was a lot of fun. A persistent warzone with 3 teams. You can zone in and affect the balance/outcome of your team at any time; and earn valor based on your participation (kills / obj points.)

Perhaps they can create a cover story; about how imp/rep are training for an unknown threat together... idk.

*Edit - Ooooo, Just thought of this. They could tie it in with a joint Operation that has the same layout as the persistent warzone, so the story would be legit.