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As a subscriber, I'm concerned that there will be more items in the Cartel Market that I will want to purchase than Bioware will give me coins to buy items. Will subscription players be able to use in-game currency to buy Cartel coins? As a in-game item collector, having to make additional real life purchases was the big reason I left my last MMO. Will this be the case in free-to-play?
There will inveitably more items than you can purchase immediatly with your subscriber's coins. The purpose is clearly to entice some subscribers to pay a little more each month. OR, you can always wait a few cycles, and THEN purchase your items with your monthly reward of coins. Or you can ask your family for Cartel Coins for Christmas.

But if you expect being able to buy EVERY item as they appear with your monthly reward, you are in for a huge disappointment.

A perfect example of that would be the cash-pets and mounts in WoW. You had absolutely NO WAY of getting them ingame, even if you were a subscriber since day one, you STILL had to pay 5-10$ for those incredibly cute pets/mounts.

Is it bad when you are short on $ and want everything? Yes.
Is it good for Bioware/EA to get more income/hire more developpers/make more profit? Yes
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