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I also noticed the absence of the flaming Rakghoul phase of Lorrick. On top of KB/avoiding the adds, the group must be aware of Lorrick's AoE stun, leap, Ravage combo and interrupt Ravage ASAP.

Its also worth noting with the Rakghoul Medics that they do become uninterruptable once they reach about 30% so stuns should be saved for that point.

Transgenic Sample 7 (the one you skip) hits like a Mack truck and targets randomly when he has the "bleeding eye" debuff. Everyone should stack nearby if you decide to fight him. He has low HP so goes down pretty quick. He occasionally drops the Midnight Rakling and Orosquab egg. I've also seen the egg drop off LR-5 and the Rakling off Sav-Rak.

Transgenic Sample 11 (the bonus boss) is a tank and spank with a periodic movement phase. During that phase everyone needs to kite a series of circles where icicles will fall from the ceiling causing damage and a larger AoE snare. Important that everyone stays away from each other during that phase. He drops a Columi implant.

LR-5's soft enrage has 2 stages. First all of the lava grates will spew lava this is your warning for the horrible soft enrage. Shortly after he will start dropping spheres on the tank at full size. I've yet to see him hard enrage but have tanked him through the soft enrage for about 30 seconds before.

Otherwise that was an excellent guide. Love the diagrams and animations. I'll definitely be referring my guildies to it.
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