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10.18.2012 , 06:37 PM | #24
F2P needs to be worth the value that is the only thing I'm worried about. While the sub is 15 dollars a month I imagine few people use all the content. If things are fairly priced to where I can select my preferred play style than I won't mind so much.

I primarily pvp but if it costs 5 bucks a week or something just to unlock pvp then what is the point of supposedly giving players a choice about there playstyle. All of these previews and teasers are all just pointless fluff until Bioware gives specific details about payment options and how much all of this stuff will actually cost.

F2P models are not free, the basic service is so crippling to gameplay that people will spend something just to have greater convenience or experiment. I'm most worried that the A la carte options as they are will be priced poorly and the subscription model isn't worth the price either so people may just drop the game all together.